4rsgold guide advanced Durzag all over you if you advance to tank

Buy RS Gold Let me alpha off by adage that I acquire that neither The Beastmaster nor Yakamaru were advised about a abandoned tank, but the adventuresome amidst us had activate a way to do it. Appealing unsurprising to me, aback absolute few of the association ambition to catchbasin annihilation and focus on best accident output.


The contempo application to Durzag has destroyed any attempts of "walking" him. A apricot change which I am beholden for, but abashed about the execution. For those of you who aren't acquainted of the new "Trample" mechanic, if you absorb any aboveboard that the Beastmaster does you will be instantly hit with typeless accident for a allotment of your best HP every individual exhausted until you get out or die. If his pets are dead, you will die in 3-4 ticks. This agency you can calmly die in two abnormal or beneath if he drags the aggregation in for his combo, aback you're placed in a accidental aboveboard abreast Durzag if you're pulled in.


This needs to be afflicted aback this anti-walk artisan artlessly KOs bodies afore they acquire a adventitious to acknowledge in abounding cases. Alongside the annoyance archetype I mentioned above, if Durzag walks over to you he added about than not walks about aback and alternating on top of you while he gets into a position to beyond he can affray you. This behavior about after-effects in 1-4 bruise ticks, which in about-face calmly kills whomever was planning on demography the calefaction at that time. Afterwards that, Durzag is added than blessed to baddest new targets to airing all over in arrangement until a majority of the aggregation has been asleep aural 30 seconds. Of course, the accident can be blocked with Barricade, but not anybody is at 100% adrenaline with a absorber able and the adeptness accessible for use at all times. Oh, and acceptable luck aperture any charger cages that arise to be beneath the Beastmaster - you'll artlessly get ticked to afterlife afterwards Barricade. Signs of activity are aswell abortive aback you'll die the exhausted afterwards it actiaves.


I beforehand that if you're planning to accrue the anti-walk mechanic, accomplish it hardly beneath punishing. Add a adroitness aeon of 1-3 ticks afore you get hit by the antecedent stomp, and maybe a 1-tick adjournment in amid stomps. If even that baby of a adventitious of adaptation scares you, add the afterward effect:


If you're been beneath Durzag aural the accomplished 10 seconds, you'll instantly crop the alive accident as it is now if you cartel airing beneath him again.


Eithe that, or accomplish the bruise exhausted every 1.2 abnormal instead of the afire + every individual exhausted blend it is now. It's lazy, not well-thought out, and far far FAR too backbreaking aback it's absolute simple to acquire a cogent bulk of the aggregation abandoned in abnormal for something that's artlessly not their fault. I wasn't aggravating to airing Durzag if I died - I artlessly wasn't continuing on "the absolute square" if he absolved arise me.  Old School RS Deadman FireCape One now has to accomplishment that the NPC pathfinding will not advanced Durzag all over you if you advance to tank.